About Sifu Jimmy Lee

SIFU Chi-Ming (Jimmy) Lee 李子明 was born in New Territory in Hong Kong. At a young age he had a fascination about kung fu. Shortly after, in the 1970s, he immigrated to London, UK. His interest for kung fu never died. In 1974, by fate he met a kung fu Sigung Tang Cho Tak who taught Pak Mei kung fu in London. Sifu Lee was dedicated and committed to Pak Mei kung fu. In 1985 Sifu Lee had to move out of London to open a restaurant so he was not able to continue training with Sifu Tang. However Sifu Lee then encountered another Pak Mei Sigung Din Yau (Ringo) Lo that taught in the area where he worked. Sifu Lee then started training with him and continued his commitment to Pak Mei kung fu.

In 1990, Sifu Lee got his Martial Arts Commission Certificate of Coaching Award. His strong interest in martial arts and lion dancing combined with his commitment and dedication to Pak Mei kung fu over the past 30+ years have awarded him with many accomplishments and chartered him with new responsibilities. Sifu Lee eventually accepted the responsibility to become the 7th Generation Master and one of very few legitimate Pak Mei Sifus in the UK. Both Sigung Tang Cho Tak and Sigung Ringo Lo were 6th Generation Disciple of Master Cheung Bing Fat. Great Grandmaster Cheung Bing Fat is the youngest son of the famous Pak Mei Kung Fu 4th Generation Grandmaster Cheung Lai Chun.