Pak Mei

PAK MEI 白眉, also known as Pai Mei, Pei Mei, Bai Mei and Bak Mei, was created by a Taoist monk Pak Mei in the Ching Dynasty, Pak Mei White Eyebrow kung fu is considered to be one of the most powerful, dynamic styles. This rare system is one of few that combines Shaolin and Taoist principals and is thus classified as an internal and external style, emphasising the combination of the science of combat along with the Taoist principles of using the Chi, or breath, to maximize the generation of power from within the body and to maintain health. In Pak Mei, Chi kung is incorporated into every aspect of the art, unlike most arts which contain supplemental exercises to develop the Chi.

Pak Mei kung fu is a highly sophisticated, fast and aggressive system that is rarely seen within the realm of Chinese martial arts today. Apart from the physical techniques which are explosive in delivery, the system also relies on the correct use of Chi energy and breath to maximise the effectiveness of this classic art. Techniques involve short and mid-range applications, a variety of kicks, ground manoeuvres and quick hand work. The practitioner calls upon the Scared Power known as "geing jak ging" which enables a speedy execution of technique from a relaxed position into a powerful movement. Pak Mei training consists of basics to strengthen and condition the body. Correct breathing and movement is essential to the effectiveness of this art and is introduced early on in training. Forms, free sparring, weaponry and chi kung are also integral elements of practise.