UK London Chinese Lion Dance Hire

THE lion dance is a well known Chinese tradition and an important part of a traditional kung fu school. History of lion dancing dates back thousands of years in China. The dance is symbolic and is typically performed as a ceremony to drive away evil spirits, to summon good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

A typical performance usually involves two performers (representing the head and tail of the lion) mimicking the movements of the lion, accompanied by the sound of a large drum, cymbals and gong. The performance requires and promotes great skill of strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, and ability to improvise dramatic movements. This is one of the key reasons to why a solid kung fu foundation is a prerequisite for every good troupe.

Our traditional southern lion dance troupe is recognised to be one of the most established within the community and have been active performers for over 25 years. We have performed for high profile organisation, and personnel including Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the London Chinese Embassy, Funky Buddha nightclub, Crockford's, SKY, annual Dragon Boat festivals. We have catered for event functions varying from weddings, birthdays, new business openings, Feng Shui rituals, Chinese new year and the mid-Autumn festivals, and many more.

If you would like to enquire about our UK London Chinese lion dance performance service please contact us. Visit our Instagram page for past performances.

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