Pak Mei Kung Fu & Lion Dance

WE are a martial art school teaching Pak Mei kung fu and Chinese lion dance in central London by Master Jimmy Lee, whom has been a practitioner of the art for 30+ years. Our school has been around for 20 years and many of our students whom have started since the beginning are still part of the school continuing to learn the art.

Whether you are here to find out more about learning the Pak Mei system; or to learn Chinese lion dancing; or looking to hire our professional UK London lion dancing troupe for private functions, please contact us at the bottom of the page for details.

Who would be interested in learning Pak Mei kung fu?

  • One who is interested in starting the study of a traditional and genuine effective Chinese style of martial arts.
  • One who is looking to gain confidence and security through a style of self-defense not based upon brute strength.
  • Individuals looking to learn the traditional Chinese Lion Dancing and martial arts as a responsible form of athletics and a foundation for physical accomplishment.
  • A caution to the potential student that this style doesn't come easy. It requires serious training and commitment to the school. Only individuals demonstrating good character and commitment shall be allowed to continue training with the school.